Building my Muscles

I’ve always liked the idea of being strong. Watching super-hero cartoons with my brothers and thumbing through comics as a kid, I quickly learned that muscles were good to have. As soon as I sprouted up to my current height of 5’10”, I realized that I was going to have to accept that I wasn’t meant to be  small, or weak. I was built with broad shoulders and big feet, both of which have helped keep me steady over the years. In an immediate family where everyone stands my height or taller, I never really noticed my height. Only through traveling to countries where most citizens were much shorter than I, did I fully understand that I am indeed above average. Never have I embraced my height so much as with the realization that it had the power to help my picking reach soar above and beyond that of others.

Tricks of the Fruit Trade

When I began this position, I did not have any formal fruit training. I learned as a child how to be careful with raspberries- watching out for moldy middles or protective daddy long-legs. Picking them gently so as not to ruin their perfect form and turn them into jam in my hands. Other than a few additional hints at a young age (mostly which things were sour and sure to turn my tummy), I was never expressly schooled in the art of fruit picking. As each new crop ripens for harvest, I find myself learning how to best treat each variety of prairie produce.

A is for Apple

It has been almost three months since I began my current position as Coordinator of Fruit Share Brandon. I have enjoyed every aspect of my job and I’m continually amazed by what we’ve been able to accomplish in our first year of operations. This past month has been incredibly busy and I fear that I have let my blog posts slip by the wayside in the wake of pails of saskatoons, strawberries, and cherries! As an apology, I want to share with you a bit of an update with our progress so far this summer!