Welcoming The Rain

I have always been particularly fond of rain.  I think a lot of it has to do with watching Disney’s Bambi as a child.  The whole rain scene- from the innocent first drops, to the terror of thunder and lightening- can still elicit a response. The cheery melody immediately bringing to mind the fresh earthy smell, the sound of fat drops falling through trees. To be tucked under a mama bird’s protective wing would surely bring one a feeling of unparalleled comfort.  Although we kind of missed the whole April shower thing, it might be even more satisfying now after such a long wait.  As I stood outside last night, watching one of our first rainfalls, I couldn’t help but grin. Such big drops that as I looked straight up, I could have confused them for snowflakes, each visible from a great distance.  The sun and blue sky still shining clear, illuminating each small body of water. My eyes searched for rainbows, finding just the slightest shimmer here and there. A full arc spreading out as the wind blew the last of the drops at a slant, hitting me right in the eyes.  Everything was fresh, clean, new.  A feeling of relief and a quiet calm falling over the neighborhood. A V of Canadian Geese, still slowly returning to their Summer home, cutting through the evening sky. The magic of Spring! 
With grumbles of a rain-soaked May Long weekend echoing through the city, I can’t help but smile.  I know that I’ll enjoy the rain as much as I would the shine and that a city full of budding trees and plants will be our rainy weekend reward.

Would love to make this mine!

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