Small City Sharing

Word of mouth can be a very powerful thing in a city the size of Brandon. I’ve been doing my best to spread the word of Fruit Share and today I had the opportunity to speak with Jordan from the Westman Journal to discuss who we are and what we do.  It was exciting to share details of how well Fruit Share has done in it’s initial locations, Winnipeg and Steinbach, and to describe what we hope to achieve here. I have to admit that every email I receive regarding someone wanting to become involved in the project makes me unbelievably happy. At first I had assumed that only my friends and family within the city would be volunteering, but it has been a terrific surprise to see names I’ve never read before who are reaching out and wanting to help. I’m starting to love explaining to people what our goals are and watching their expressions change as they fully understand how important this will be for our community. I feel lucky that I get the chance to make a difference in a city that deserves to be treated kindly and supported. I feel a huge sense of pride when people congratulate me on helping to start this initiative and express interest in assisting in our mission. I hope that everyone who becomes involved will feel this same sense of pride- this need to share. Please watch for our upcoming article in the Westman Journal- you may even spot me! If you’re interested in volunteering or donating your surplus fruit, please visit or email me directly at! 

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