The Road To Enlightenment

This morning, for the first time, I walked to work from my new apartment.

As luck would have it, we were able to find a place (Ok, a perfect place) within four blocks to my office. One block is uphill (hard to believe on the prairies, I know) and the other three take me down one of the main downtown corridors. My walk took me no more than five minutes, but I was amazed at the mood that I arrived with. I sat down at my desk with a grin on my face and actually said something to myself along the lines of Let’s get to it! (Not normal)

Within those four blocks I smiled at numerous people, guessing at where they might be going to. I waved hello to a friend as she rode past me on her bicycle on her way to work. I smiled to myself as I trailed behind a father slowly strolling with his tiny daughter beside him. Obviously enjoying themselves and the cool morning weather.  I breathed deeply as I went past my favorite breakfast place, detecting just a hint of savory meats and toasting bread. I marveled at how fast I could travel, my long legs stretching out happily before me.

I was worried that I would arrive at the office sweaty and harried. Exhausted and flustered.

But I wasn’t. I was calm and collected. My hair was dried by the wind and for once my brow was free of sweat. My body and mind were both awake and ready for the day that stretched out before me. I always wanted a job that I could walk to. A schedule that would allow for those few minutes of fresh air and peace before the beginning of a busy day. Such a positive first day will be locked firmly into my mind so that at any time I begin to balk about the prospect of walking, I’ll turn straight to that channel. To those happy legs and eyes and heart. To the smiles for others and the ones for myself. For the positive attitude and the positive changes it will bring about for both my body and mind.

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