Berries, berries
I love you so.
I love to sit
And watch you grow.

I pick you off
Your leafy stem.
You glis­ten like
A shiny gem.

I eat you up,
So ripe and sweet.
Your fleshy bits,
My favorite treat!

Sometimes I like
To squish you up.
And eat your sauce
When I do sup.

I like to think
That I’m a bear.
Steal my berries?
Thieves beware!

I’ll for­age here,
I’ll for­age there.
I’ll find berries
Most any­where!

Tonight I’ll bake
Them in a pie.
A slice or two
I’ll have to try.

With my tummy,
Plein de berry.
My dreams I’m sure
Will be most merry.

I’ll dream of fruit
Piled moun­tain high.
Raining down from
A juicy sky.

Until my paws
Can pick once more.
I’ll walk on two
Instead of four.

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