Food Justice and Fruit Share’s Role

The world is in trouble. Everywhere, we are struggling to feed everyone.

We have everything we need here on Planet Earth to feed ourselves, but the way our societies are organized prevents this from happening. This is criminal. Every human being has the right to enough food, and decent food at that.

Let’s face it, if feeding the (truly) hungry was profitable, it would have been done already. That’s why we need the projects that hatch from clever ideas like Fruit Share. Even here, in Brandon Manitoba.

We aren’t in this for ourselves. True, we sometimes walk away with a bag or box packed with fresh fruit. And we may make a few friends, spend some time outside, get some exercise, and feel good about ourselves. But that’s not what Fruit Share is all about. That’s not all that draws us to it.

We also harvest justice. We live in one of the most wasteful societies in the world. People go hungry here, and food is still wasted every day. But it shouldn’t be that way, I think we can all agree. That’s where Fruit Share comes in, with all the fruit pickers and fruit owners who say “Hey, this is a cool idea…”

It’s pretty simple: we’re working on closing one wasteful loop in society, and patching that loop back together by collecting food that would probably go to waste and providing it to those who can make use of it.

There is still a lot of food and other necessities that are wasted every day. But you have to start somewhere, and we’re starting with fruit. Maybe someday Fruit Share will expand to include vegetables as well. We could feed an even huger amount of people. But right now we’re making this particular model work and learning from this experience.

We shouldn’t keep quiet about what Fruit Share is accomplishing. The world needs more justice, up and down & left and right, so it’s up to us, everyday people, to take up that fight. And we’re best at this when we get creative and work together.


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