Fall Fruit!

It’s amazing to find that fall is upon us in all of it’s golden-leaved glory. As my term as Fruit Share Brandon Co-ordinator was coming to a close, I appealed to the higher powers to allow me to continue on in my position until I felt that the harvesting season had come to a complete close (re: snow). It was with a breath of relief that I received the news last night that I could continue my mission, our mission, to gather and save as much local fruit as possible. As we near the 6,000 lbs. mark, I’m getting excited to reach our ultimate goal.

10,000 lbs. of fresh fruit and produce is the magic number that we’re climbing towards. I can’t help but wonder how many people that might equate to? How many people enjoyed the juicy strawberries, the perfect cherries, or the tart apples that we picked over the Summer? Could 10,000 lbs. mean 10,000 people? Or more!?

We are still in full swing in Fruit Share Land and are happily taking requests for apple, grape, and pumpkin harvests! Have extra veggies that you don’t know what to do with them? We’re happy to get them to where they’re needed most!


Contact me via email at fruitsharebrandon@gmail.com, register through our volunteer and fruit owner pages, or call and leave me a message at 204-726-1513. When our community works together, everyone wins!

– Tanis Brown-Birch,

Champion for the Rights of Fruit Everywhere

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