2015 Season

Hello Brandon!

Fruit Share is in action now for the 2015 season. We’ll be having all sorts of fruit picks and workshops.

If you’d like to volunteer with us, sign up for our email list here and you’ll get all the updates.

If you have a fruit tree/bush/plant that you’d like to donate from, contact me at fruitsharebrandon@gmail.com or 204-720-0265. You can pass that on if you know someone else who might be able to donate as well.

Now let’s get out there and have fun as we feed the community!


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Food Justice and Fruit Share’s Role

The world is in trouble. Everywhere, we are struggling to feed everyone.

We have everything we need here on Planet Earth to feed ourselves, but the way our societies are organized prevents this from happening. This is criminal. Every human being has the right to enough food, and decent food at that.

Let’s face it, if feeding the (truly) hungry was profitable, it would have been done already. That’s why we need the projects that hatch from clever ideas like Fruit Share. Even here, in Brandon Manitoba.

We aren’t in this for ourselves. True, we sometimes walk away with a bag or box packed with fresh fruit. And we may make a few friends, spend some time outside, get some exercise, and feel good about ourselves. But that’s not what Fruit Share is all about. That’s not all that draws us to it.

Fall Fruit!

It’s amazing to find that fall is upon us in all of it’s golden-leaved glory. As my term as Fruit Share Brandon Co-ordinator was coming to a close, I appealed to the higher powers to allow me to continue on in my position until I felt that the harvesting season had come to a complete close (re: snow). It was with a breath of relief that I received the news last night that I could continue my mission, our mission, to gather and save as much local fruit as possible. As we near the 6,000 lbs. mark, I’m getting excited to reach our ultimate goal.